The staff at Daybreak are committed to providing a friendly, welcoming and stimulating environment for people living with dementia.

Daybreak has reopened – we look forward to seeing you all in our clubs.

As well as companionship, we offer a wide variety of activities including gentle exercise programmes, games to provide mental stimulation and music therapy. The power of music to unlock memories and enable social interaction is an increasingly key feature of dementia care. It seems to reach parts of the damaged brain in ways other forms of communication cannot.

Visitors tell us that Daybreak Clubs are happy places, with warm, caring and well-trained staff. They see that our Clubs make a positive difference to all who attend.

Our Daybreak Rosewood Club was presented with a Dignity in Care Award by Age UK.

As well as our clubs. we give carers a range of advice and information about other services that can support them in their area.

Please read Mary’s story about the impact of Daybreak on her and her husband Sir Brian Tovey.

Daybreak was a revelation, somewhere where I could take my dearest and leave him to the wonderful care of the Manager. I must admit to having a few tears as I walked away from the Limes that first day I left him, like leaving a child on their first day at school. But I was so grateful that I could leave Brian in very capable hands – in a very welcoming environment – and have a few hours to myself to get my hair done, do some essential shopping, visit the bank, etc., without worrying.

Daybreak provides stimulation for its members in many different forms, puzzles, jigsaws, music, poetry, singing, floor games and a hot meal; a forum where the members meet new friends, have some stimulation, be treated as a normal responsive human being, even though their sensory abilities are, in some cases, very much impaired. And there is a lot of laughter!

Read Mary’s Full story here


“Can I just take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous work that you do? My father says he enjoys both clubs and it’s made a real difference to my mother’s quality of life (having some respite for him) – you do a simply fantastic job, I cannot thank you enough” A Carer

“The kind of care provided by Daybreak is every bit as crucial as research into the causes and treatment of dementia. Indeed, for those currently living with the condition and for their families it is even more so. Dementia researchers all over the world recognise this and give it their wholehearted support.”

Quote from Prof R Jacoby, Daybreak Patron

“It stimulates her mind and gives her something to talk about when she gets back. I have depression…Rosewood helps me a great deal as well.” Mrs K, daughter

“The ‘Club’ really does him good and he looks so much better and stimulated, even if tired when he comes home.” Mrs P, wife

“The Lilacs do a wonderful job. ‘A’ enjoys going, and the staff are lovely and supportive. It is really important for me to have a day off, to recharge my batteries. This is precious time for me.” Mrs W, wife

“It is clear to us that she benefits greatly from going to the club – she has friends there, she enjoys herself and always returns with a smile and a much better sense of self-esteem and engagement with life.” Ms W, daughter

“He really enjoys going and always comes back with a smile on his face. For my part the two mornings I get on my own are a lifeline and enable me to sort out everyday problems so that when David comes home I can devote myself to him and do things with him that he enjoys.” Mrs I, wife

“Daybreak is a beacon of light in the darkness that dementia can bring” Age UK ‘Dignity in Care’ awards nomination

“Daybreak always sees the personas an individual with their own unique abilities, interests, preferences and needs and always approaches them with dignity, respect, sensitivity and kindness” Age UK ‘Dignity in Care’ awards nomination