Quality Control and Governance

Daybreak Oxford is committed to maintaining a high standard in our services.

All Club staff at required to complete Level 2 Dementia Awareness training, and further training and development is provided as appropriate.

The Board of Trustees meets quarterly and a Management Team meets monthly.  Each Club has a link trustee who observes and supports the team.

Daybreak has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures and further details of these are available on request.

Local authority inspections of the Clubs were completed whilst Daybreak received County Council funding.  Daybreak has engaged OCVA (Oxford Community & Voluntary Action) to complete an organisational health-check.  We are currently undertaking Phase 1 of the PQASSO quality assurance system.


Daybreak is currently supported by a team of eight trustees:

Cliff Grand Scrutton (Chair)

Simon Hewett-Avison (Vice Chair)

Mary, Lady Tovey (Secretary)

Phil Gregory (Treasurer)

Lady Mary Tovey (Limes Link Trustee)

Julia Fenton (Rosewood Link Trustee)

Jonathan Atherton

Stuart Skyte