Daybreak policies and procedures support our services for both our members and for Daybreak staff. They are regularly reviewed.

Daybreak Privacy Statement:
Daybreak will ensure that personal information is both protected and secure. We promise we will not pass it on to any other organisation without permission, unless under exceptional circumstances where there is a legal obligation. We will only collect data which is necessary, for operational and commercial purposes, data both digital and in paper form, will be safely stored. We will not store or retain any personal information any longer than is necessary. We will also ensure that personal data is both accurate and remains current.

A full copy of our Data Protection Policy can be downloaded here

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Our current Health & Safety Policy can be downloaded here.

If you would like to see any other Daybreak policy documents, please contact our main office, Tel: 01865 776744 or


    • Health and Safety Policy (link to current H&S Policy document – PDF format)
    • Disclosure and Barring Service procedure
    • Use of Email and Internet
    • Handling a complaint
    • Expenses
    • Unscheduled closure
    • Acceptance of Gifts
    • Safeguarding Policy
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Anti Bribery and Corruption
    • Ex Offenders
    • Sickness Reporting
    • Security breach procedure
    • Bad debt
    • Serious Incident Procedure
    • Moving and Handling
    • Spending Policy: authority to commit Charity Funds
    • First Aid Policy
    • Introduce a Friend Policy
    • Lone Working Policy
    • Personal Hygiene Policy
    • Smoking at Work Policy
    • Staff Levels Policy
    • Whistleblowing Policy
    • Working Time Regulations Policy
    • Adoption Policy
    • Annual Holiday Policy
    • Paternity Policy
    • Sickness Absence Policy
    • Statutory Time Off Policy
    • Unable To Attend Workplace Policy
    • Shared Parental Leave Policy
    • Parental Leave Policy
    • Compassionate Leave Policy
    • Agency Staff Policy
    • Casual (“Bank”) Workers Policy
    • Changes to Contract Hours
    • Minimum Wage Policy
    • Notice Periods Policy
    • Part-Time Employees Policy
    • Staff Loans and Advances Policy
    • Temporary Workers Policy
    • Self Employment and Zero Hours Contracts Policy
    • Harassment Policy
    • Flexible Working Policy
    • Absenteeism Policy
    • Alcohol and Drugs Policy
    • Obtaining Medical Reports Policy
    • Supervision Policy
    • Job Start & Induction Policy
    • Recruitment Policy
    • Employment of Non UK Citizens Policy
    • Employment of Young Persons Policy
    • Apprenticeship Agreement Policy
    • References Policy
    • Staff Retention Policy
    • First Aid Policy
    • Protecting Vulnerable People From Radicalisation Policy
    • Computer Email and Internet Usage Policy
    • Business Expenses Policy
    • Anti-bribery Policy and Procedure