Daybreak Oxford Calls on Government to Recognise the Importance of Local Charities Working to Support People with Dementia

Daybreak Oxford Calls on Government to Recognise the Importance of Local Charities Working to Support People with Dementia

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On 22nd January 2020, a news story broke that didn’t surprise or shock us; it was a story that we knew all too well already, and a story that I’m sure will have resonated with so many of our clients and their carers.

The story, published by news outlets across the country described the increasing number of dementia patients being admitted to A&E across England because appropriate care and support is just not available. Research conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society found 379,000 cases where dementia had been recorded on admission – a rise of 100,000 since 2012-13. You can read more about it here.

We here at Daybreak Oxford, are urging the Government to recognise the role charities are playing in the support of people with dementia. Charities like ours are filling a huge gap left by a lack of Government resource and insufficient social care.

Our clubs provide Cognitive Stimulation Therapies to patients including music, singing, art, dance, game-playing and gentle exercise. Through these therapies we aim to help maintain skills and abilities, to provide enjoyment and companionship, and to allow family carers a break from their care-giving responsibilities. Our work seeks to tackle loneliness, ease social isolation and provide a therapeutic environment through a person-centred approach to care. The NHS has a ten year plan to keep people at home longer. At Daybreak, our aim is to support that plan, however, we need your support and funding to affect the lives of the individuals and families living with dementia.

We currently operate three day clubs but have an ambition to open more clubs across Oxfordshire over the next two years in order to respond to existing waiting lists and the ever-growing need for our services across the region. What we are offering is an affordable solution to the insufficient care currently available to people living with dementia.

As Chairman of the charity and as the Chief Executive of a care provider group for people living with dementia. I am incredibly proud of what we achieve and think we punch well above our weight for a charity of our size. In our daily work, we see the difference we are making. The therapies help to unlock memories and enable social interaction, and for many of our beneficiaries, attending our clubs is the only time they leave their homes and their only significant social interaction. It also gives families desperately needed respite from the 24/7 demands this diagnosis brings, in the face of a shrinking, under-funded and under pressure care system. The work of Daybreak Oxford is truly transformational for those living with dementia, and their families.

Our work has been backed by local MP Layla Moran, who says “I have recently become a Patron for Daybreak Oxford because I have seen the impact this small, local charity can have on the day to day life of people living with dementia. In Oxfordshire alone it is estimated that there are over 9,000 people currently living with a diagnosis of dementia and that is why we must support charities like Daybreak who are working on the ground to support individuals and their families, preserving dignity and prolonging the time they can stay in their own homes.”

If you’d like to find out more or help us with our ambition to support more people affected by dementia please do get in touch.

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