Daybreak is still here and still supporting our members

Daybreak is still here and still supporting our members

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As a charity supporting people who live with dementia, it’s important to us that we let you know what we’re doing for our members whilst our clubs are temporarily closed during this unprecedented time.


We’re still supporting our members where we can with phone calls, emails with online games, music and reminiscence activities, and importantly still making the most of your hard-raised funds to make this happen. We’re not charging our members anything for this remote support. We’re able to dip into our reserves for the time being, but as an active charity that hasn’t stopped, just because our doors are closed, we’re not going to be able to rely on those reserves for long.

Many fundraising events have been cancelled due to the threat of the virus, which means the support that we so greatly rely upon from family, friends and the public simply isn’t there right now. Not in the usual guise anyway.

That is why we so desperately need your support whilst we wait the virus out. Just because those events aren’t happening, it doesn’t mean you can’t still take a role in supporting our clubs. You could set yourself a running or walking challenge or even just donate £1 every time you make a cup of coffee whilst working from home!

Charlie Drummond, Director of Development at Daybreak Oxford said,

“As a charity that prides itself on breaking down feelings of isolation, this is such a difficult time. We hate thinking about our club members being stuck at home and without the vital service we normally provide them. We are working hard to continue providing our support remotely, via phone and email, and are listening to our members and their families to see what more we could do.

It’s also a difficult time for us financially as without club member fees we have very little regular or predictable income. Alongside cancellations and postponements of fundraising events, we are doing our best to try and fill these gaps. If there is anything you can do to help and keep our work going for today and the future, please do get in touch.”

To help us continue providing our person-centred, award winning care and companionship, please think about how you can keep us going by making a donation through our website, or even taking part in a ‘virtual’ fundraising activity! We’d love to hear how inventive you can get!

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding, especially during a very difficult time.