Daybreak Event Fundraising

Daybreak Event Fundraising

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We hope that you are all keeping active during this time of lockdown, as much as you can under the circumstances.

Daybreak relies very much on donations to fund our vital services and some of this income comes from supporters taking part in challenge events such as runs and bike rides. These types of events have been heavily impacted by the current situation, with many events, big and small, cancelled or postponed.

But it is a good time for everyone to try to become more active, to promote both physical and mental health. Many people have taken up new hobbies or are training more regularly than before. If this is happening to you, why not put all the effort to good use and take up a challenge to raise money for Daybreak!

We are currently monitoring which sporting events are likely to take place later in the year. We already have places in the Prudential Ride London event in August and have had confirmation that they still hope it will go ahead. We also hope to buy places in running events, including the Oxford Half Marathon in October.

Adrian, one of our riders in a previous Ride London event, said:

‘It was fantastic to cycle along some of the route that I have run in the London Marathon and the route of the cycle race in the 2012 Olympics. The whole day was fantastically marshalled and organised. Indeed, getting towards the finish I became quite tearful in the knowledge that my little 100 miles along with my sponsors were going to be able to make a difference to some people we may never get to meet.’

If you are interested in being part of these events, or finding out more about events over the year, get in touch with Lindsay on You don’t have to commit yourself to sign up just yet, but we can keep you in touch! Keep up with the training!