Dementia is the name for a group of symptoms caused by disorders that affect the brain. It is not a specific disease and there are many different forms of dementia and a variety of possible symptoms.

If you or a family member feels there are some problems with confusion or memory, it is a good idea to visit your GP for an assessment. There are some helpful treatments for some types of dementia, or it may be the diagnosis is something different.


For more information and help, please click here for our Communication & Dementia resource sheet:

Communication & Dementia


Below is a list of organisations offering assistance and information for people affected by dementia:


Pathways Through Dementia
London based organisation. Offer free legal advice to families dealing with dementia. Can also offer services to assist in applying for Lasting Power of Attorney (chargeable).   Do workshops on various related topics, but held in London
Wright Hassal has produced free legal guide for people with dementia
Young Dementia UK
Apart from offering support to younger people with dementia in Oxfordshire, their website also has a lot of general information
Dementia Oxford
Offer advice for people and their families affected by dementia, and also have dementia advisers who make contact on a six-monthly basis
Alzheimers Society
Useful Factsheets on issues relating to dementia and carers
Carers UK
Offer advice service to carers including practical and financial support
Carers Oxfordshire
as above. Can carry out a Carers Assessment to see what support may be appropriate (eg local support groups, possible funding)
An advice service which covers a range of information on local services, equipment etc, including a telephone advice service