Daybreak - Dementia Day Clubs in Oxford

Welcome to Daybreak Oxford

Daybreak is a small specialist charity that operates three dementia day clubs in and around Oxford. We offer dedicated care to our members with activities planned by our dedicated, trained staff who plan each day’s activities with the individual member in mind. The aims are to help maintain skills and abilities, to provide enjoyment and companionship, and to allow family carers a break from their care-giving responsibilities.

Dementia is incurable but not untreatable
Dementia is an indiscriminate illness that can affect any older person and our clubs are designed for anyone with this condition. We can accept people with any form of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular Dementia, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and other rare forms of this condition.
We believe that people with dementia deserve the best possible care. Everything we do is designed to provide an opportunity for enjoyment, stimulation and companionship.

Daybreak clubs belong to our club members and we seek to provide the best possible experience for the person attending. We welcome anyone with dementia to come and meet club members and the staff.

Quote from a carer:“Can I just take this opportunity to thank you for the fabulous work that you do? My father says he enjoys both clubs and it's made a real difference to my mother's quality of life (having some respite for him) - you do a simply fantastic job, I cannot thank you enough”


Quote from Prof R Jacoby, Daybreak Patron “The kind of care provided by Daybreak is every bit as crucial as research into the causes and treatment of dementia.  Indeed, for those currently living with the condition and for their families it is even more so.  Dementia researchers all over the world recognise this and give it their wholehearted support."


Where are our clubs?

We operate three clubs:

Rosewood in Greater Leys – open five days a week (Map)

Lilacs in Kidlington – open four days a week (Map)

Limes in North Oxford – open two days a week (Map)

Daybreak - Dementia Day Clubs in Oxford - Registered Charity No: 1113182 - Company No: 5641765


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